Taste is one of the most powerful experiences of all. Some tastes can linger for decades in our memory, like grandma’s famous pie or your mom’s juicy picnic chicken. These dishes often shape our palates for a lifetime. You might even find yourself talking about them years later, recalling them at every special holiday, and missing them perhaps more than any relic your loved ones have left behind.

So, when you find an old family recipe, it’s exciting to try and recreate it. Many times, it even feels like an honor to get the opportunity to make this beloved dish with your own two hands all those years later–so, why doesn’t it taste the same? With generations of experience behind us, we have an idea of what’s missing.

The Missing Ingredient

It’s true that the best family recipes in the hands of the best home cooks often feel like they’re missing something. No matter how closely you replicate the techniques, time and time again, you may be left wanting. So, what’s missing? The short answer: Love.

It might sound cliché, but it truly does factor into the pacing and anticipation of any home-cooked meal. Knowing that your grandma got up early in the morning to make you a pie with her own two hands has a way of warming your heart and prepping your palate. That pie simply tastes sweeter when she put her heart into it.

It’s quite a simple equation, really. When a dish is made with love, the ingredients are picked and prepped with care, everything is measured to taste, each component is cooked to perfection, and the finishing touch is the kindness and thought that went into every step.

That’s a taste and a feeling that’s impossible to forget and even harder to find when you’re faraway from those who taught you about this secret ingredient. Luckily, you can still enjoy the wonderful flavors and warmth from anywhere, as long as you know where to look.

The Taste of Home

If you’re looking for the taste of home, we can promise you that Delektia’s dishes contain a whole ounce of love in every serving. It’s the special touch that you can taste and it’s able to warm your heart even after a long day, cold night, or tough week.

At Delektia, we take great pride in the taste of our food. Just like your favorite family recipes, our dishes have been passed down from generation to generation, shaped by tradition, and always served with a heaping dollop of love.

So, next time you’re craving the taste of home, look to the frozen food aisle for delicious ready to eat meals and serve yourself up a heaping plateful of the world’s most decadent ingredient. It’s love, carefully passed from our family to yours.