Whether it’s your lunch break or the end of your workday, you have to learn how to let go of your worries about work and simply enjoy peace. There may be a part of you that knows you deserve a much-needed break from your obsessive work life, but mustering up the energy to relax can be challenging. Here are some simple solutions that can decrease your mental exhaustion from work.

Take a short walk

During your break, close your computer and step away from your workstation. Change to a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and then head outside. Walking is an awesome way to relax your mind, and talking even a brisk walk can relieve the stress and tension in your head.

Listen to good music

Music can be an amazing source of good vibes, so if you’re addicted to work and you want to relax, open your favorite music player and listen to soothing sounds. Opt for songs that have 60 beats per minute, since they can inspire your brain to synchronize to its beat.

Lay down

If you’re feeling pressured with work and all you want to do is move away from your work area and lie down – really, just do it. Even lying on the floor will help you release muscle tension. This is called the Alexander technique, or constructive rest. It involves turning your back, bending your knees, and keeping your feet on the floor. This position will also help you align your spine. However, do not hold this position for a long time since it may lead to muscle stiffness.


Simple, yet effective! Smiling is one of the easiest things you can do to relieve stress from work. Doing something as simple as this is effective in decreasing your stress response and heart rate level. When you smile, you will release endorphins and dopamine, which are chemical messengers that will improve your mood. Therefore, you can trick your brain into feeling good. Not only that, but smiling will also help you look more attractive.

Invest in a weighted blanket

Your sleep is sacred. This time for yourself should not be spent worrying about your next report or when your project is due. If you want to restore your brain and body power after working for grueling hours, try investing in a weighted blanket. This blanket’s weight ranges between 5 to 30 pounds, and it is designed to feel like a hug. It gives you much-needed pressure therapy to help you lower your heart rate and relax.

Use a weighted blanket for approximately 30 minutes, or depending on how much relaxation you want to feel. After you’ve snuggled up, you’ll definitely sleep like a baby.

Excited to Try These?

Burying yourself with work can bring so much tension and stress. But until you change the way you approach your work, all the relief methods listed above will only be temporary. It’s important to take control of your stress levels and maintain a sustainable work-life balance.